Mail Engine

Target group management

Segment according to your marketing objectives in order to achieve the highest relevance and ROI.

  • New data added to your database? Need to segment data based on criteria previously not used? Use our system to simply customize your database and improve the customization level of your emails by adding new client data.
  • You can use our statistical interface to access detailed data about the use of new variables and thereby improve your insight into the user database.
  • Use the available data to create target groups for your campaign objectives. Your options are open from the simplest criteria to complex solutions described by complicated mathematical formulas.
  • External databases are also simple to use: just import the external resource as a new target group and it is good to go.
  • Create target groups by computed, inferred data:
    • County, settlement, district - based on postcode
    • Age - based on birthday
    • Gender - based on first name



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