Mail Engine

WordPress integration

Connect your already available WordPress webpage with our service. Keep in touch with your registered users and newsletter subscribers via MailEngine.

  • No more complex manual export/import task for your email marketing requirements. No need for developers - with just a few clicks could be set the WordPress ⬌ MailEngine (as CRM) integration.
  • The profile data of your clients could be always up-to-date in MailEngine thanks to the automatic synchronization
  • Target precisely with the help of the integration with the tags of the WordPress generated user events.
  • Save costs and time. Let’s focus on your core business, as managing your marketing messages sent to your clients was never so easy.
  • Manage the transaction messages of your WordPress site.
  • Send your WordPress newsletters, care about your newsletter database with our sophisticated email marketing solution.

For the integration you need to use the free or subscribed version of WP Fusion - WordPress plugin (at least version 3.28)




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